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David's Automotive Repair is what everyone is looking for in a complete auto care facility and auto mechanic shop. Whether it is various car repairs you need done or just an oil change, this family owned business truly has found a way to be one of the most respected auto repair centers in the DFW Area.

David and his family take pride in delivering upon there commitments to you. They want you to know that they are in it for your best interest and to ensure you get the best possible service to your vehicle.

With over 30 plus years of experience and the attention to detail taken by David and his staff of ATI trained and educated mechanics and service technicians it is where you can trust that your car or truck is being taken care of.

David Nix and the Nix family, are very experienced and updated on there training regularly to stay on top as a leader in the auto service industry. They can do major engine overhauls, replace a transmission, to a coolant flush, or alignment. They are the best of best at what they do but there number one focus always comes back to be honest and direct with the customer, did they exceed your expectations, and do they have a customer for a long time to come. This is what David's Automotive Repair has been and will always be about. So much so that they offer a 3 year/ 36,000 Mile Warranty on all there service and work.

Service my car- Is something we all think about and eventually need to get done. How about instead of you keeping track of when you need to get certain services done through out the year , David's Automotive will remind you when it is the right time to service different parts and fluids in your car. How convenient for you the busy dad or mom who has a plateful of responsibility and now can just receive and e-mail or a text on your mileage and upcoming service needed through out the lifetime of your car.