Welcome to David’s Automotive Repair

I have been in the customer service industry since the age of 14 when I began working in my Dad's business. Throughout the rest of my school years, I continued working in the family business and I also started fixing the company vehicles at this age.

In 1979 I joined the United States Navy Submarine Force and defended my country for 20 years. I retired in 1999 and started working in the Auto Repair field when I was approached by the local career school to teach the Auto shop class. After moving to Texas in 2000, I continued my passion for fixing cars. My success led to my wife, Sharon, and I starting our own store in 2007.

David's Automotive Repair is a complete auto care facility that is locally owned and operated by the Nix family. We perform a full range of automotive repairs. We have a technician education program that enables us to continue our employee training and updating our equipment. We have a 3 year / 36k mile warranty. Our waiting area not only has coffee, WiFi and leather chairs but also has a children’s play area. We have a customer shuttle available. We recycle our used oil and antifreeze. Our typical client is like you in that they probably have had a bad experience somewhere else and are looking for someone that cares for their car AS MUCH AS they do. Well, let me assure you that you’ve come to the right place. At David's Automotive Repair our standard is to exceed your expectations and if we are not doing that then we want you to let us know where we are lacking.

I understand you don’t come to us because we get the bolts really tight and we fix your car right the first time. These are minimum expectations. The reason you come to us is because we offer you a great value for the services that you receive. We realize that we are in the customer service business first and foremost. By educating OUR CUSTOMERS it allows them to make informed decisions about what their car needs in order to keep it safe and reliable. We also realize that coming to us is like going to the dentist; you really do not want to have the work done, but it is necessary for your vehicles health.

If you are tired of just getting your bolts tightened and want someone that believes in building relationships, we are waiting for your phone call.